Autism – Help and Support

When it comes to a diagnosis of autism, many parents are shocked…feeling alone and confused, lost in a sea of dietary restrictions, endless hours of intervention, sleep deprivation, battling with insurance companies, all while trying to hold down their jobs and keep the rest of the family together. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever imagine that they would ride the autism roller coaster! But here they are, and here they remain. What can they do? How did this happen? How can I get some help? What does the future hold?

  • What is autism?
  • How and when is autism diagnosed? How early can it be detected?
  • What interventions are helpful for improving symptoms of autism?
  • What steps should parents take after an autism diagnosis is made?
  • Alternative pathways that can also be effective – MNRI, homeopathy
  • Are there any programs or scholarships available?
    ( Parents need support and care too! )
  • Setting goals and having realistic expectations

Call us for help. From MNRI interventions to family support, our dedicated, passionate and compassionate team understands intimately the needs of parents with an autistic child, and we are here for you and your family throughout South Florida. We are conveniently located near I-95 at 4350 Sheridan Street, Suite 101 in Hollywood, Florida. Call us for more information at (954) 987-8887 or click here.

Autism News – Exciting new study involving stem cells and autism!