BrainwoRx & The Modern Child

Childhood is much different than it was even 20 years ago. We live in a world that seems disconnected from the world of nature more and more each day. Children spend much more time inside, staring at TV shows, playing video games, surfing the net, texting on cell phones, and being sedentary than in years past, when kids were encouraged to play outside, use their imaginations, and create their own games and adventures. This heavy emphasis on media and modern technology, in addition to pushing academic achievement at earlier ages, is creating an over-dependence on left brain skills at the expense of the right brain. A huge number of children are now being diagnosed with attention and social disorders.

A startling statistic is that “each hour of TV watched per day by pre-schoolers increases by 10% the likelihood that they will develop concentration problems and other symptoms of attention- deficit disorders by age seven.” We are bombarded by so many artificial sounds and visual effects in our everyday lives, that we tend to lose touch with reality and may have difficulty coordinating our sensory and motor systems. A sensory system that is overloaded may cause a child to react with a “fight-or- flight” response. This leads to sensory processing that gets stuck in the lower centers of the brain, keeping it from getting to the higher centers or cortex, where information processing and understanding take place.

Our program has been designed specifically to address these issues and return the body and mind back to a place of balance and homeostasis. We have developed this program to provide these children with the skills and resources to successfully and fully follow their dreams.

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