BrainwoRx was created by Dr. Leah Light to meet the needs of children with Auditory and sensory processing disorders as well as social and learning challenges. In addition, this program was created in response to parents’ pleas for a comprehensive neuro-developmental program that would help address the root of their children’s issues rather than merely addressing their symptoms.

The multi-faceted activities included in the program address each child’s development as an integrated whole or unit, rather than targeting isolated aspects of development. It was important that the program be entertaining, fun and challenging while providing opportunities for improved self-awareness, self-esteem and self-empowerment. According to Dr. Light, when these three aspects of self are addressed, children naturally emerge toward their fullest learning and creative potentials.

“Previous scientific studies of BrainwoRx, showing 2-3 years progress in some areas after only 6 weeks of training, motivated me to move forward with the program and to develop a system that could be implemented in various settings to reach a greater number of children.” – Dr. Light

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