Family Testimonials

There is a light in all of this and there is hope and help for families like us. Dr. Light gave us hope and that is why I made sure to learn MNRI techniques so that I can do them at home. She truly saved my son and I will forever be grateful for that. Now, I cannot wait to come back in 6 months to show her and Julie the progress we are making with MNRI.

Forever grateful,   SLinna – “Ethan’s Mom”

Autism Testimonial

Ethan was born a 100% healthy baby. My husband and I had a hard time getting pregnant and Ethan was our miracle baby. When he was diagnosed with autism at a little over two years, we were all devastated. Being a medical professional, I kind of knew what his diagnosis would be, but when they actually told me, my whole world fell apart. I guess, deep down, I kept hoping I was wrong and I just didn’t want to accept it.

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Susanna S

BrainwoRx camp has been a life changing experience for my son.  In this brief period of time there he has become more confident, able to engage better in a social environment with his peers and adults as well, became more aware of his body (tone) and his surroundings and has just flourished immensely.   Dr. Leah Light and her staff were extremely encouraging and helpful, my son said “I want to stay in BrainwoRx camp forever.

Susanna S.

Family Testimonials

“We brought our son to Dr. Light when he was about 2 ½ years old. He was barely speaking, and was having difficulty socializing with his peers. Once Dr. Light began working on him, his progress was unbelievable. He began speaking more and even became interested in interacting with kids his age at his school and elsewhere. Now after only 3 months he is a different child! Much happier, talking up a storm, and wanting to play with kids his age. Dr. Light did wonders for him, and she is so patient, and kind, and her staff equally so. Annie also worked with our son a great deal and she likewise is so caring and kind. We are so grateful for these people who really helped our son develop into such a wonderful, happy child! Thank you Dr. Light and Annie and all at the Brainchild Institute!”  Dr. Light

Alicia S., Davie, FL.

Family Testimonials

Childs-Hearing-Testimonial-1“I brought my young daughter Mia to the Brainchild Institute because she was having problems with both her hearing and vision. Dr. Light has been an absolute miracle worker. We thought that Mia was going to develop learning disabilities and that she would have to be put in special classes. But now, after Dr. Light’s care, Mia is a happy, well-adjusted 3rd grader. Which is exactly where she should be! Thank you so much Dr. Light!”

Silvia Bannett,   Sunny Isles Beach, FL